Have a question about our store? Check here for answers! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out. We will respond with an answer for you. Ahoy there captain!

How do I order your refillable products?

1) Purchase product in our pre-filled mason jars. Choose from 500ml or 1000ml sizes. On delivery day they will be left on your doorstep along with any other products you have ordered. Once the product is used up you can re-use the jars at home for food storage or put them on your doorstep to be refilled by Turtle Green!


2) Order your product for filling in your own empty, clean containers. On the SHOP page, find the products you would like to purchase and click “Refill My Container”. Choose the amount of product you would like us to put in your container(s). You can fill in increments of 500 milliliters. Not sure how much your container will hold? Fill your container with water and then pour the water into a measuring cup. Pay for your product online and when your delivery day comes, leave your containers on your doorstep. Identify with a sticky note, marker or crayon which product you would like us to put in each container.

Do I have to be home during my delivery window?

No, you do not. We understand that you’re busy and cannot always be present for delivery. If you are purchasing product in our containers we simply leave the product outside your door. If you are refilling containers of your own and are not home at the time of delivery it is important that you leave and label your containers outside your door for us to fill.

What happens if I forget to leave out my containers?

We get it, it happens! If you forget to leave out your own containers, we will supply the products you wanted in clean containers. We always try to keep extras around just for these occasions! You will receive the same product you ordered online, but in our containers, not yours.

Do you have a storefront?

Turtle Green Refillery is a mobile store! You order your products online and have them delivered to your door.  Turtle Green Refillery will also make routine stops in neighbourhoods where there is a strong demand for our products. We attend local farmer’s markets too, so watch for us!

Will you deliver to my area?

Check out our delivery map to see if you are within our delivery area. There is a minimum purchase on your order to secure delivery. Want to make a small purchase? Order online and arrange for pick up. Caledon residents can pick up in Caledon East.  Toronto/GTA customers can pick up in Toronto at The Junction or in Dufferin Grove.

I am outside your delivery area. Can I still purchase products?

We would love to expand to your area. If you and your neighbours are interested in regular visits from Turtle Green Refillery, contact us to inquire. If there is enough demand we can schedule a visit so that you and your neighbours can start refilling too! 


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