Our Story

Turtle Green Refillery is a GTA, Ontario-based company offering non-toxic household and personal care products in refillable containers. This service does our environment a much-needed favour by reducing the number of plastic containers used in family homes, resulting in less plastic pollution in our world.



A Glance at the Global Plastic Problem: We’ve all heard about it by now. We have too much plastic in our world, and it’s affecting planetary health. Most single-use items are made of plastic (petroleum-based products), some of which can be recycled, but most of which end up in our landfills and oceans. These throw-away plastic items do not break down and cause damage to our marine life and get into our water supply, negatively affecting our health. Recycling is only part of the solution! Many assume that our blue bin holds the answer to the problem of plastic pollution – that if more people recycled we could just turn our plastic dilemma into new and useful products. Unfortunately, according to the Recycling Council of Ontario, only about 9% of plastic gets recycled – and it’s really downcycled, or turned into products like plastic lumber, textiles and doormats that eventually end up in landfills. (Recycling Council of Ontario) Once in a landfill, plastic does not easily break down, and when it slowly does, it leaches toxic chemicals into our ecosystems and waterways.

It’s Easy to Do Our Part: A big part of the solution to the problem of plastic waste in our environment is adopting a less disposable lifestyle. This is where Turtle Green Refillery comes in. We offer products for refill – you re-use containers to save money and help reduce plastic consumption.


The average woman uses a dozen personal care products a day – and men are not far off. Practically every one of these conventional products contain chemicals, many of which are known to be potentially harmful if consumed over time. According to Gill Deacon, author of There’s Lead in Your Lipstick, “The chemical body burden refers to the accumulation of chemical ingredients in the human body. (These) untold combinations of chemicals building up in our bloodstream and organs, based on generations of synthetic exposure, have an impact on our bodies’ ability to function in top form.” The same goes for household products. Moreover, marketers and manufacturers have trained us to believe that unless our bodies, clothing and countertops cling with the artificial fragrance of a field of daisies or a bowl of lemons, they are not truly clean. But the truth of the matter is, “clean” has no smell! Non-toxic products are those that do not contain chemicals known to cause harm to our bodies and the earth. They are simply a better choice as they are friendlier to us – and easier on the earth.

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