Hand Soap Tablets


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Citric acid*, sodium benzoate, sodium dodecyl sulfate*, sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauroyl glutamate*, glycerin*, disodium EDTA (salt derivative), polyethylene glycol, fragrance*


Say goodbye to plastic hand soap containers with these simple-to-use, zero waste soap tablets. Natural and non-toxic, our soap tablets wash away germs with a moisturizing yet effective cleansing formula.

Simply fill with water and drop in a tablet for 250mL of foaming hand soap to wash away dirt and grime.

Each tablet makes 250ml of moisturizing hand soap and lasts 6 weeks on average with frequent usage.

1. Simply drop one tablet into your foaming soap bottle.

2. Fill with 250 mL of warm water. Wait 30 minutes, or until tablet dissolves completely.

3. Use and repeat! Refill when finished.